Employers may make their monthly contributions through the online contributions system or by completion of a hard copy contribution advice. Once these have been submitted, payment can be made through any of the following methods;

  • BPAY
  • EFT
  • Cheque

Employer online contributions

Employers can now make payments through our online contributions application. 

Please note:

  • Employers are required to complete a monthly contribution advice for all employees.
  • Cheques are to be made payable to CIP.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or BPAY is available.

Click here to submit your contributions online.

Online Contribution Help Videos & Guide

Click here to view all of the Online Contribution Help Videos (please note these videos are for the old online system)

           Click here to download the Online Contribution Help Guide

Completing hard copy contributions

Before the end of each month employers will be required to log on to our online application and download their contribution advice form. This form is used to make payments to CIP. Reports from payroll systems can be used provided they contain all of the information required by CIP. Contact the CIP administration team on 1300 261 114 for assistance.

The contribution advice lists the workers that were paid for last month. The employer should add any new worker to the return and delete any worker that has been terminated.

Workers who have been terminated will not be listed if given to CIP on a previous contribution advice form.

Update the contribution advice by making the following adjustments:  

  • Cross off names of workers detailed on the contribution advice who have been terminated / or resigned and have not been engaged at any time during the month
  • Advise the termination date of the workers who have been terminated
  • Once a worker is noted as terminated, a termination form must be completed and signed by the employer and the form sent to BERT Administration for processing
  • Add the details of any new workers (membership number, name, date of birth, category, number of weeks employed and their starting date)
  • If the printed information on any worker is incomplete, add the missing information
  • Ensure the worker category is correct for all workers
  • Amend any amounts in the 'weeks' if the worker did not work all weeks covered by the contribution advice


  • If a worker did not work all weeks, the actual weeks worked need to be noted on the return ie nominate the period the worker worked (no part weeks)
  • Total each page

Contributions are to be paid by the participating employer for eligible workers while they are in your employment, including when on annual leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, jury leave, long service leave and WorkCover.  

A copy of the advice form is to be kept for the employer's record. Employers must complete a contribution advice every month and send it to BERT. Where there are no workers for the period covered, a 'NIL' return is to be completed. Contact the BERT administration team on 1300 261 114 if you require further assistance.    

Non Payment

The board of CIP is obliged to take legal action to recover any contributions not paid by an employer. The constitution governing the operation of the fund permits the board to charge employers a penalty if payment is not made on time.  

In addition, a letter will be sent to workers advising them that their employer has not paid contributions to CIP on their behalf.  

Late contributions

CIP is an insurance product and as such premiums must be paid by the due date stated on the contribution advice, to maintain insurance cover for employees.

Each month CIP contributions are due and payable thirty (30) days after the contribution period end date. Unfortunately if employers do not meet the payment deadline we cannot place the insurance on behalf of the employee's. In this instance, a refund is issued totalling the value of the contribution minus an administrative fee.

The fund charges a $50.00 administration fee per employee per month for contributions remitted outside the terms of the payment period.


Contribution Calculation: Number of Employees x Applicable CIP rate at the time x Number of weeks in the contribution period

For an Employer with 10 employees contributing for the August period (4 weeks) the calculation would look as follows:

  1. 10 employees x 31.70 4 weeks = $1268.00 contribution

Refund Calculation: Value of Contribution - $50.00 x Number of Employees

If the payment is received outside our payment terms, the following will occur:

  1. $1268.00 contribution minus the late payment
  2. $500 less the administration fee @ $50.00 per employee
  3. $768.00 total refund

This change will not impact upon the majority of employers who meet their obligations and pay on time.

Correspondence will also be sent to employees affected, advising insurance was not secured for this period as contributions were remitted outside the terms of the payment period.