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Employer Application for Membership

Employee Termination Notice

Cease / Inactive Request

Blank Contribution Advice

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Income Protection Scheme

Income Protection Scheme - Major Projects

Income Protection Scheme - Civil

Personal Accident Claim Form

Personal Illness Claim Form

Portable Sick Leave Claim Form

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CIPL Important Notice

Please Note: From 14 November 2016, tax is withheld from gross weekly benefits by QBE as per ATO guidelines.

Download QBE Notice here

For more information, please contact Total Claims Solutions on (07) 3230 9300.

What happens when you make a CIP claim?


Employee obtains claim form

NOTE: forms available from Total Claims Solutions -1300 362 638, CIP -, BERT administration –, your union or employer

Form completed by employee and sent to Total Claims Solutions

Level 1, 62 Astor Tce, Spring Hill QLD 4000

Claims processed by Total Claims Solutions

Additional information may be required from the following: Employer, Employee, BERT administration, Your Doctor, Hospital, Specialist, Radiologist, Health Commission and Independent Doctors or Specialists

Processing may take 5-6 weeks, sick leave claims - 2 weeks

Benefit paid to employee from day 22

(2 weeks in arrears)

Employee claim rejected

Employee receives benefit until claim finalised

  • Maximum 104 weeks
  • Ongoing medicals will be required while receiving benefits

Appeals process