General Questions

Q. How do I join CIP

A. Employers will complete the Application Form  Click here for the Employer Application Form - Click here for the How to Join Page

Members will automatically join upon employer contributing on their behalf. No action is required on behalf of the member to join. To see if you are eligible click here   

Q. When did CIP cover first commence?

A. The cover commenced on 1st March 2001 for workers whose employer paid a contribution on their behalf to the scheme.

Q. How do I get a copy of my statement?

A. To view or print your statements for CIP contributions, please log into your BOBB account where your statements are available for download by financial year under the Payments/Contributions page.

Q. How do I view my CIP Portable Sick Leave Balance?

A. To view your CIP Portable Sick Leave balance, please log into your BOBB account where you can view your balance from the My Current Balance window located on the right side of the screen.


Q. How do I claim?

A. Complete a claim form. All forms can be found by visiting the forms page or www.totalclaimssolutions.com.au where you can download a claim form.

Q. Who will manage my claim?

A. Total Claims Solutions, who have been appointed as claim managers of the insurance company, are responsible for processing, assessing and managing all claims.

Q. What if the worker makes a claim for a long-term condition just shortly after commencement of current premium payments?

A. The employer would be required to continue paying the contributions while the worker remains an employee.

Q. What is regarded as ‘earnings’ in relation to the WorkCover Top-Up section of the policy?

A. The workers average weekly earnings as calculated by the Workers Compensation Insurer.

Q. Do I have to wait 21 days before having to send my claim form in?

A. No, if it appears you are going to be off work for more than 21 days you should complete a claim form and send it in, straight away.

Q. How are my payments made?

A. Payments are made fortnightly in arrears whilst we have a current medical certificate. Payment can be either made by cheque or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Q. How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

A. Allow 5 to 6 weeks from date claim is in the office. Once completed, payments are made fortnight in arrears. (Delays will occur where the forms have not been completed in full).

Q. How is my pre-disability earnings calculated in relation to my accident and illness claim?

A. It is the average weekly earnings as defined. In standard cases this is 85% of pre-disability earnings;

* up to a maximum of $1200 per week for Building Workers

* up to a maximum of $1300 per week for White Collar Workers

* up to a maximum of $1400 per week for Civil Workers

* up to a maximum of $2500 (prior to 1st Sept 2013) or $2750 (at 1st Sept 2013) per week for Major Projects Workers

Portable Sick Leave (PSL)

Q. How do I claim the portable sick leave?

A. To claim portable sick leave you must be a full time employee with a CIP contributing employer with premiums paid up to date and you have exhausted any sick leave days with your current employer. Complete a portable sick leave claim form; provide a copy of your last pay slip and Doctor's Certificate.

Q. How are my PSL days calculated?

A. They are calculated by the information provided to CIP from your previous employers via your Termination Form. This information is then calculated at a rate of 1.85 hours per week paid to CIP and recorded on the system less any days taken.

Q. What happens to my PSL days if I do not claim within two years?

A. The insurance policy holds your recorded PSL days for up to two (2) years from the last employer paid contribution. If there are no contributions for two (2) years, your recorded days expire and are removed.

Q. If I am working for an employer who is not contributing to CIP, can I still claim my PSL days?

A. No. You can only claim your PSL days if you are working for a company that is contributing and you are not a casual employee.

Q. Can you claim your PSL if you are a casual employee?

A. No. You must be a permanent employee who accrues sick leave.

Q. Can a member use his sick leave credits in the fund if he / she is not receiving contributions?

A. No. They must be employed and your employer is contributing into the CIP program.

Q. What happens to the sick leave credits for members who have left their employer and subsequently returned to their previous employer within six months?

A. Any sick leave credits in the fund as a result of that termination will be returned to that employer as per the Building Industry Award.

Q. Can you tell me if my previous employer has forwarded on my accrued sick days and if not what can be done about it?

A. You can check your PSL Balance anytime on  our member website BOBB.  If your employer has not completed a Termination Form and sent it to CIP, your sick days will not be recorded. The form is available from the forms page. Or the employer can use our online system. Contact your Employer to ensure any unregistered days are advised to the CIP Office to be recorded against your account.

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