CIP Memories Last! - Pete Smith

After 4 years and a successful return to work Pete still has wonderful memories of his experience with CIP following his claim.

Hi I'm Pete Smith and I had a massive heart attack off site back in 2011. I was in hospital for op and off work for 11 months. I was also in financial hardship due to being off work. I contacted Janice from CIP and she met me at my place and got the ball rolling. She organised everything for me including employer etc. paperwork for the claim and everything that needed to be done. I received compo through CIPs for the duration of my time off work. $1,000 per week sure helped eased the pain. I highly regard CIP and the work that Janice did for me. Its a lifetime memory of how good some people are.

Yours Sincerely,

- Pete Smith

I cannot thank your team enough

Dear Bill,

I would like to take this opportunity to highly commend CIP.

Last year was the darkest time of my life thus far. My husband was critically ill and your staff were wonderful. In the beginning they were sensitive to my needs and feelings. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Without CIP to guide me through, things would have been an even bigger nightmare.

The claim was dealt with quickly and smoothly. I cannot thank your team enough!

- Name withheld for privacy

Mick says thanks CIP!

I have always been a huge supporter of CIP and its benefits, when I was a worker on the tools and also later on in life as a Plumbers Union Organizer. I have known quite a few people that have had to make claims through CIP before and recently had to do so myself. Just before last Christmas I suffered a mild seizure which left me confused and disorientated and affected my memory and speech. I went to see my local doctor who then sent me to a neurosurgeon for further testing.

The doctor also informed me that I now had to comply with a  6 month driving ban. No driving a vehicle for 6 months.  The short story is that I couldn’t do my job and had to have time off to recuperate.

Fortunately like many I’m a member of CIP and I made the call to Janice and she helped lodge the claim form and step by step walked me through the process and pretty soon I was receiving regular deposits into my bank account. Over the period of my illness I received over $25,000. Without this regular income who knows what the result would be.  It was a tough time for me and my family and I am so appreciatative of the fact that CIP was there for me.
All has worked out well as I’m back at work, my health is pretty good and I didn’t lose my house to the bank. I wish to thank Janice and the CIP team for all their help as dealing with insurance company, health care professionals and the pages of paper work can sometimes be a very daunting and difficult task. Thanks CIP.

- Mick

Onya Jodes & CIP -  Steve Harris

Tuesday 24th June was nothing special, just another working day. I came home from work, unpacked my work bag and prepared myself for my usual push bike exercise ride in Karawatha State Forest. This particular ride I headed for a few locations to take some photographs. There is a rocky outcrop formation with photographic artistic potential. I’d lent the bike against a tree, retrieved my camera from my back pack and started to walk about the area finding a position for a good shot.

I made my way down some rocks, not too difficult, not too steep and not slippery. Left foot, right foot, left foot – when the right foot made contact, the foot stayed but the ankle kept going. I heard a crack, there was very minimal pain and when I looked down all I could see was a deformed ankle that didn’t look right. This all took a split second and found myself in a crumpled heap on the ground. After the initial shock and surprise had passed, I knew I was in big trouble.  I had to get back to the bike. It had my mobile phone and first aid kit, but I had a forty to fifty metre crawl ahead of me. It was also 5:00pm and getting dark quickly! My crawl was slow, painful and difficult. I kept on, with my two good arms and one leg. I resembled a spider with five twisted legs.  After what seemed like hours and my hands bruised and scratched I finally made it to my trike. I located my phone and discovered I had full reception and full power, thank god!The accident happened at 5:00pm, I was found at 7:00pm and in hospital by 8:00pm, x-rayed and asleep by 1:30am.

So with great appreciation and admiration, I would like to thank all those people involved in my rescue; the people on the phone, Fire Brigade, SES and the Ambulance. Also the Knight-Riders, nurses and doctors who patched me up. I thank you, thank you, thank you.

Once the hospital had discharged me and after a few days relaxation I had to focus and think about my immediate future, in particular my wages. The bills just keep coming in. I knew I had a CIP account, so I made contact to explain what had happened. A day or so later, I got a call from QBE to say that my claim had been declined. What! It seems there was a printing error of my birth date on my account statement. What a load of crap! I was gutted. What to do? I phoned CIP straight away and was introduced to Jodie Muller, whom I informed what had happened. Previously when I was sussing out my CIP account, I discovered that I had a second account made by a scaffold company who I worked for ages ago. All the personal particulars on this one were all good. I immediately told Jodes  and she said we can appeal this decision by providing a letter stating this other account was good and with assistance from Jodes, QBE accepted this. I would like to thank CIP and young Jodes for all the help she’s given me, she’s right on top of everything and she knows her stuff! I’m forever grateful.
On ya Jodes and CIP – with admiration and respect.

- Steve Harris.