The CIP Board

The CIP Board is dedicated to providing security of income protection and sick leave preservation to members. By appointing a well-balanced Board of Directors, the Fund is able to maintain an objective outlook on the best way to look after your needs.

Construction Income Protection Limited (ABN 43 110 841 962) is a public company limited by guarantee. The company has eight directors. The employer association and trade unions that participate in CIP each nominate four of the companies directors.

The Directors as at the 18 December 2017 are:

Employee representatives:
•    Jade Ingham - CFMEU
•    Gary O'Halloran - CEPU Plumbing Division
•    Jacqui Collie- CFMEU
•    Paula Masters - CFMEU

Employer representatives:
•    John Crittall - Master Builders Queensland
•    Sue-Ann Fresneda - Master Builders Queensland
•    Nick Herron - Master Builders Queensland
•    Andrew Hickman - Master Builders Queensland